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Our Services

Our clinic is comprised of five doctors located in the Willamette Valley and Tillamook, Oregon, offering on-farm and limited in-clinic veterinary services.   Although our doctors specialize in farms and large animals, we are happy to provide routine care for your companion pets as well.

Dairy Farm
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Dr. Veeman performing an emergency on-farm C-section

Mobile Veterinary Services

All of our doctors have stocked mobile veterinary vehicles and are available to provide farm calls throughout Oregon and Washington.  

Herd Care


Individual veterinary care for your large animal herd.  We provide full service veterinary care including reproductive services, customized vaccination schedules, milk parlor management evaluation and training, on-farm large animal surgeries, emergency and sick animal care, and more.


Cat & Dog Services


We don't just work on farm animals.  We are happy to provide preventative care for your cats and dogs, including annual vaccinations, rabies vaccinations, flea & tick treatments, worming or prescription medications.  Our doctors also perform feline neuter surgeries, but we do not have facilities for spaying.

Reproductive Services


We perform laproscopic AI in sheep, as well as artificial insemination in cattle and goats.  We can provide synchronization services as well.  Please contact us for pricing of artificial insemination services.



Our doctors perform on-farm surgeries as necessary, including but not limited to displaced abomasum, c-section, laceration repair, hernia surgeries, de-horning, rumenotomy, ocular removal, limb amputation, and many other routine surgeries.

Pharmaceutical & Supply Sales


We keep a large stock of Veterinary pharmaceuticals and supplies at our St. Paul, Oregon location.  If we don't have something in stock we can usually get it ordered overnight at no additional charge.  For larger farms and dairies, we offer a convenient service of drop-shipping pharmaceuticals and supplies directly to your farm at no additional charge (minimum purchase of $150).

Laboratory Services

Milk sample and fecal sample testing are available in-house for quick results.  More in-depth testing is sent to University laboratories and results are sent to our doctors for review, diagnosis and treatment options. 

Disposal Services


We work with a local small family owned business for animal disposal.  Please contact us with questions regarding disposal services and costs.

24-hour On-Call Emergency Services

One of our doctors is on-call 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.  Simply call 503-550-7107 and listen to the message for instructions.  You will usually receive a call-back within 15 minutes.  If the doctor is on another emergency at that time, you will receive a call-back as soon as the doctor is finished with the prior emergency.

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